Living in Le QG Roland-Baudin is living in community and connectivity!

Le QG Roland-Beaudin is located at 975, Roland-Beaudin in Quebec City, in the effervescent and renowned neighborhood of Ste-Foy, a neighborhood under revitalization process in order to meet the changing needs of its residents.

The privileged location of the Le QG Roland-Beaudin gives easy access to the Université Laval, Laurier Québec, Place de la Cité and to the Hôpital Laval, as well as the CHUL and the various public transport circuits.

In total, there is an estimated $ 4 billion in investments over a 2-kilometer radius in the next 10 years, including $ 3 billion for the creation of a future tramway station just around the corner from Roland-Beaudin Street.

So, for your Real Estate investment, you have a prime location, a prestigious construction, a technology on the edge, an exceptional walking-score and especially a lever that will be confirmed by the large investments planned for this growing area.