LE LIM. Condos Urbains

THE LIM. Urban Condos: lit on the city

It is a project of 26 units with high end finishes and 16 indoor parking spaces.
The project LE LIM. Condos Urbains is just 8 minutes walk or 3 minutes drive from the IGA grocery store between 5th Street and Chemin de la Canardière, 1 minute drive from the Esso gas station and a short walk to the cafes, restaurants and shops of 3rd Avenue.
Right in front of the project is the Parc du Vieux Passage, which is reminiscent of the old landscape with its oblique path, its irregular slabs, its plants with blue foliage and its wall for the fortification.
The project LE LIM. Condos Urbains is the place where your tenants will like to live, thanks also to the professionalism of the manager GestiPro, selected for this project after the success known in the project Kaméléon on the boulevard Charest O.
The LE LIM. Urban Condos is the right compromise between the urban center and a residential area.